Returning Inmates and Their Families: Public Policy Issues for Successful Prisoner Reentry
Luis Perez-Feliciano, Ph.D; Michael Adams, Ph.D; Gautam Nayer, Ph.D.

Children are the most important beings in any parent?s life. Therefore, to be physically cut off creates a deep and enduring pain when a parent is incarcerated and unable to be with their children. Children and families are well known to be among the most reliable predictors in desistance from future crime upon returning to society. Returning home after incarceration presents many difficulties, but re-connecting with families and children is the most daunting, if not most, difficult to achieve. We discuss the problems and issues facing returning inmates in consideration of the public policies for families and children.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jasps.v8n2a1