Modelo Del Comando Logístico Aeronáutico
Germán Veintimilla, Wendy Wasbrum, Patricia Albuja, Johnny Velasco, Christian Altamirano

The present work contains a feasibility analysis that will determine the suitability of a Logistics Command, which meets its objective of managing the logistics system, in order to efficiently support the maintenance of air and defense operations. This study also obeys to the role that the Air Force faces, provided in the Constitution and current regulations, in order to establish a more efficient process structure, both at the management and operational and tactical levels. The methodology used for the feasibility study is based on the analysis of variables through the application of Systems Dynamics. In this way, this methodology allows the construction of models, after a careful analysis of the elements of the system. This analysis allows extracting the internal logic of the model, and with it to try an understanding of the long-term evolution of the system; being the analysis of the internal logic and structural relationships in the model, the fundamental points of the construction of the same.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jasps.v6n1-2a1