Determination of Motivational Factors Influencing Involvement of Market Mavens
Gokhan Yolac

Market mavens who shares their comprehensive market knowledge with other consumers are a special consumer group. Market mavens as a rarely studied area in national literatuıre, are examined in respect of motivational factors in this study. In this context, determining which motivational factors are effective on market mavens’ involvement in mobile phones and clothes categories is aimed. The effects of brand engagement in self-concept, status concept and consumerism on market mavens’ involvement in these two product categories are tested with the structural equation modelling. According to the results, status consumption and brand engagement in self-concept which are positive motivational factors affecting the market mavens are determined. However, consumerism which is an uneffective dimension to produce an effect on motivational factors directly or indirectly is revealed.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jasps.v3n2a4