The Need of Shared Vision in Tourism Sustainable Development
Muchamad Zaenuri, Sumartono, Soesilo Zauhar, Andy Fefta Wijaya

Sustainable tourism development is an important issue and careful attention should be given within the framework of a comprehensive national development. Within the era of government, it is not possible to independently implement tourism development given the capacity constraints and in order to provide sufficient space on the growing role of the private sector and the public which is increasingly active. Governance of the affairs of the government with the involvement of the private and the public is known as collaborative governance. At the initial stage to perform collaborative governance, it is necessary to attempt a shared vision that is understood by all stakeholders related to tourism. Sleman, as the location of the case study, shows that collaboration in a shared vision is still a "command" on which the government's role is still dominant. Thus, further development in the form of participation, networking, and collaborative partnerships of all stakeholders in order to realize sustainable development of collaborative governance of tourism is necessary.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jasps.v3n2a2