Business Communication
Environmental Law, Regulation & Sustainability
Electronic Commerce, Systems, and Web Design
Economic Development via Tourism in the Developing World
Economic Sustainability, Development, and Competitiveness
Marketing, Database, and Enterprise
Customer Relation Management
Supply Chain Management
Innovation, Global Competitiveness, and National Economic Development
Creative Multimedia: Tools, Design, and Application
Global Service Sector and Supply Chain Management
Risk Assessment and Security Management
Strategic Management in Health Care Services
Leadership and Strategy
Quantitative and Qualitative Decision-Making
Organizational Communication
Legal and Regulatory Issues in the Financial Industry
Negotiations and Organizational Conflict Resolution
Understanding and Managing Heritage Tourism
Leadership in Management
Marketing in Technology-Based Industries
Statistical Analysis
Innovative Marketing Techniques
Data Analysis and Operations Management
Marketing Management
Planning and Operating New Ventures
The Innovation Process: Developing New Products and Services
Program and Project Management
Managing Employees, Professionals, and Teams
Business Law and Regulation in a Global Environment
Service: Quality, Delivery, and Productivity
Business Strategy and Commercialization
International Economics
International Commerce
International Business Law
Going International: Importing and Exporting Operations
Comparative Economic, Industrial, and Governmental Environments
Multinational Tactics, Strategy, and Positioning
Management in a Changing Environment
Culture and Development
Cultural Tourism and the Art and Festival Industries
International Business Simulation
Corporate Communications and Investor Relations
Strategies for Electronic Commerce
Business Law
International Market Research
Market and Economic Research and Analysis
Marketing Strategies
International Advertising
Financial and Managerial Accounting
Financial Concepts
International Business, Economics, and Cultures
Financial Markets and Institutions
Mergers and Acquisitions
Managing Financial Institutions
Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
Mutual Funds Industry
Corporate Finance
Venture Capital and Financing Innovation
Multinational Finance and Trade
International Investments
Project Management
Project Communications Management
Risk Management
Incident Response and Disaster Recovery
Tourism Management
Economic Development and Tourism Management
Evaluating and Developing Markets for Cultural Tourism
Infrastructure and Logistical Planning for Tourism Development
Economic Analysis of Policy
Comparative Law
Policy and Leadership
Policy Management
Analysis of Public Policy
Policy Research
Policy Process
Public Finance and Budgeting
Statistics for Policy Studies
Policy Analysis
Management and
Policy Ethics
Education Policy and Politics
Human Rights Policy
Technology Policy
Environmental Policy (5, max. 10)
Labor and Human Resources Policy
Health Policy
Policy Research Design
Current Issue